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Discover the Golden Edge with DXFT at Salesforce World Tour Essentials Dubai

We are super excited to be the Gold Sponsor at the upcoming Salesforce World Tour Essentials in Dubai. It will be held on May 16, 2024, at Madinat Jumeirah Conference Centre. Do not miss the opportunity of experiencing world-class innovation and networking. This event is a must-visit for anyone passionate about technology, providing a dynamic platform to explore cutting-edge Salesforce innovations and success stories. 


Why This Event Is Unmissable 

The Salesforce World Tour Essentials Dubai stands out as a crucial gathering for visionaries in the tech world. Here are a few highlights of the events that you cannot miss out on: 

  • Explore cutting-edge Salesforce products and the transformative power of CRM, AI, Data, and Trust. 

  • Maximize Salesforce investments and expand your professional network. 

  • Learn about Data Cloud and Einstein innovations for stronger customer relationships and AI/CRM value. 

  • See how Einstein speeds up process automation by 27%. 

  • Apply AI across various roles and industries for enhanced workflows. 

  • Utilize Customer 360 for smarter collaboration, cost savings, and growth. 

  • Dive into industry-specific sessions, including finance, healthcare, and more. 

  • Discover time-saving, cost-reducing solutions for business expansion. 

Exclusive Benefits if You Register with Us 

This World Tour Essentials Dubai is not just a Salesforce event. It is the gateway to the next wave of technological innovation. By registering through us, you're ensuring access to all the above-mentioned perks along with exclusive opportunities to meet with our Salesforce leadership team and understand how to achieve your business goals. 

Register to unlock the exclusive perks mentioned below: 

  • Free consultation with our experts to help you attain your business goals in a faster, sustainable, and systematic manner. 

  • Enjoy 10% OFF on our tailored services, designed to boost your business capabilities. 

  • Chance to win attractive Gift Hamper

A Day Packed with Learning and Networking 

The event promises to make you and your business future ready. With opportunities to learn from iconic brands, a rich schedule featuring interactive workshops, live demonstrations of the latest Salesforce solutions, and keynote addresses from industry leaders. These sessions are tailored to offer practical insights and foster deep discussions on technology's future. All for free and all in one single day. 

This is your chance to connect with like-minded professionals and leaders in the Tech ecosystem. Let's embrace this transformative journey together at the Salesforce World Tour Essentials Dubai. 

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